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About Our Diplomas and Transcripts

We offer complete packages containing both fake diplomas and transcripts! Everything you need! Combos available for high schools, colleges, and universities!

If you are looking to a complete set of two most popular documents, you've landed on the best page for that. That's because knows more about fake diplomas and transcripts than any other site. It all started years ago, when we began collecting educational documents and begun to noticed what made them special and unique in their own ways.

Whether it was the different seals they had or the different fonts they came with, there was a lot to embrace. In time, we begun to custom print replications of the documents for those who lost their originals or wanted to trick an old friend into thinking they graduated! No matter why you need to use our products, realistic quality is most important to you and we truly understand that.

That is why we are proud to offer our customers combo packages which include a fake diploma along with a set of degree-matching custom printed fake transcripts. This allows you to save money and fully experience what makes our products so special.

How to Buy Fake Diplomas and Transcripts

No matter what type of education level you want your diplomas and transcripts to be in, we offer a solution for everybody. Choose between packages for ged, high school, college, or university levels. Each package comes with a high quality replica diploma that was created from an original diploma template we stock for your requested school. Along with it, will arrive a set of novelty transcripts that match your requested degree and major. We stock a wide variety of coursework to complement any diploma, but requests to submit custom coursework can be made too.

To purchase one of these combos, simply choose one of our packages above. Our website will walk you through the buying process by giving you tips to specific questions we need answered. All of this information is used by our productions staff when putting together your order.

If you need additional assistance, we do provide live chat, phone support, email and more to help you through the process. Thank you again for considering fake diploma and transcript packages from Diploma Company!